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27 Lessons from 27 First Dates

27 Lessons from 27 First Dates

1. No matter how many boxes someone can check off on your mental list of the "ideal significant other" there is an attraction and spark that can't be forced.

2. Always meet someone in public first. Trust me. 

3. Don't be afraid to be honest. If you're not into them then politely don't bother. Maybe give them more than 5 minutes to decide but if you're like me, just say you want to leave.

4. Try not to get drunk before going to the movies on a first date. When he bites your fingers you really won't know how to handle it.

5. You don't need to touch his penis to know whether you like him or not even if he tells you that you do.

6. Don't pick the same date spot with different guys in a row. It's awkward when you know the bartender knows you.

7. Dates can be expensive. Don't feel obliged to pay just because you feel bad that you don't like them. Your bank account surely can't handle it. 

8. Telling other first date stories can surprisingly be a great hook.. especially if it involves feet.

9. Avoid pulling a Ted and saying I love you soon after you meet. It happens more easily than you think.

10. Don't let him leave something at your place if you don't want to see him again. He will insist to see you and get it at some point even if he ensures you he doesn't want it back.

11. Walking up Mont Royal can be romantic but also creepy if you take the wrong paths late at night. I'm sorry mom. I don't know how I haven't been kidnapped yet.

12. Don't make the first words you say to him "This would be a really great spot for you to murder me". Try starting with "Hi" first.

13. No matter how much debt you've accumulated, how low your bank account is, and how much you want a new dress, don't let him buy you one on a first date. Especially not an expensive one. 

14. Maybe don't plan to have a date right after making out with someone else on a soccer field. 

15. Even if he doesn't kiss your or touch you on a first date, you're not the plague, he might still like you. I swear. 

16. If you're interested in someone else, be upfront. I've received messages months later asking how I was. It's nice if the other venture didn't turn out and you're still curious.

17. You don't need to share your entire life story in one night. 

18. Having him meet your friends on date three might not be the best idea.

19. The date could be taken from a movie and seem perfect, but nice just isn't enough.

20. Phone holsters are not attractive. Please just don't.

21. Crying on a first date sometimes happens to the best of us.

22. Language barriers can unfortunately stop from loves from happening. Being an anglophone in Montreal isn't always easy.

23. No matter how great someone seems online, when you finally meet them in person it is an entirely different story.

24. If you can't remember his name, you might have been on too many dates.

25. Don't live on a hill. Him walking you home will become less sexy when you're out of breath.

26. Keep going. The next one just might be it. Until then, grab a glass of wine and well, good luck.

27. The dates prior will blur once you find someone special enough. He is worth the search.

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